3 Things To Do Once Your Adoption Is Finalized

Receiving word that the adoption process is being finalized can be thrilling for parents who have waited a significant amount of time to bring a new child into their family. While you might think the finalization marks the end of the lengthy paper trail associated with adoption, it's important to realize there are some vital tasks that must be completed in the weeks following the finalization of your adoption.

Here are three things you should plan to get done as quickly as possible once your adoption is complete.

1. Update your will to include your new child.

Once an adoption is finalized, your child is your legal responsibility. This means that you need to take the necessary measures to ensure your new child is provided for in the event of your death.

While no one wants to think about their own passing, updating your will to include your new child as quickly as possible ensures that your baby will have legal access to his or her inheritance. Work with your attorney to file the necessary paperwork, and consider updating any life insurance policies you have to list your new child as a beneficiary as well.

2. Get a new social security number for your child.

Finalizing an adoption represents the beginning of a new chapter for your child. To ensure that your new child's past doesn't come back to haunt him or her, it can be beneficial to file for a new social security number.

Providing a copy of your child's original birth certificate, the amended birth certificate issued when your adoption was finalized, your child's old social security card, and a copy of the court order authorizing the adoption and name change for your child will help you expedite the process. By acquiring a new social security number, you ensure that birth relatives can't trace your child using the old number, and you reduce the likelihood that your child will become the victim of identity theft in the future.

3. Amend your medical insurance plan.

Now that your adoption is complete, your new child is officially a dependent. This means that he or she qualifies for coverage under group medical insurance plans issued through you or your spouse's employer.

Talk to a human resource assistant to obtain the forms needed to add your new child to your medical policy as quickly as possible to ensure that any medical care your child needs will be covered.

Recognizing that the paperwork doesn't end when an adoption is finalized will help ensure that you take all the steps needed to make your adoption a success. For more information, contact a licensed adoption agency at a site like http://www.achildsdream.org.

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