Pre-Planning Your Funeral: The Benefits Of Getting Ready For When You Die

It may seem morbid to plan your own funeral, but there are a number of benefits to making these arrangements prior to needing them. Your family won't have to guess at what you wanted, you can write your own obituary with accurate information, and you can even choose the program your funeral will follow. If you have been thinking about your own funeral, and you want to ensure that certain things occur, meet with a funeral director to talk about your options. You can even pre-pay for your funeral, easing this particular financial burden for your family.

Be Clear About What You Want

Some people are surprised to learn that a loved one wanted to be cremated, or that they want to be buried in a particular ceremony. While you can tell your loved ones these things prior to your death, having a plan at a funeral home will solidify your wishes. You can be as specific as you want to be regarding what to do with your remains, and this gives many families comfort knowing that the wishes of their loved one are being followed closely.

Write an Accurate Obituary

Obituaries may not seem like a big deal, but they are a very reliable resource for genealogists. If preserving your family history matters to you, write your own obituary for the sake of your descendants. Make sure that you get the names of your parents spelled out correctly, and be clear about any children or siblings that you may have. In just a few decades, your obituary may be the only piece of information a future descendant has about you. Make your obituary count.

Choose How and Where You Will Be Buried

If you want to be cremated and have your ashed spread somewhere, you need to be clear about this in your funeral planning. If you want to be buried in a particular cemetery, you need to let the funeral director know where. It's important to remember that the cost of being embalmed is much higher compared to the cost of being cremated. If you don't pre-pay for your funeral, your family may have no choice but to have your remains cremated.

Your family will have the time they need to grieve without having to worry about planning your funeral if you do the work ahead of time. You will get the funeral you want, and you won't have to burden your family during this sad time. Contact a funeral home like Farone & Son Inc for more information.

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It may seem morbid to plan your own funeral, but there are a number of benefits to making these arrangements prior to needing them. Your family won't