Two Tips To Help Make Funerals More Affordable For You

When someone you love has passed away without insurance, you can find yourself in a dilemma.  You want to give them the service that they deserve, but you may not have the financial means to handle it.  Instead of fretting during an already difficult time, use this information to learn more about how you can pay for a funeral when you're low on funds.

Choose A Direct Burial

A direct burial is always a good option when you need to plan a funeral without a lot of financial resources.  Direct burials bypass the embalming process so that the departed individual is buried without delay.  Not only can this help save money, it may also be good for the environment.

The embalming process essentially involves injecting certain chemicals into the body of your loved one.  Once the body is buried, the chemicals may begin to seep into the soil of the earth where they are resting, and this could cause harm to the wildlife in the vicinity.

When you choose a direct burial, the body of the deceased is buried and allowed to decompose naturally.  You won't have to pay the extra fees for the embalming process, as well as any charges that may be in place for holding the body.  You can then hold a memorial service in the home of either yourself or someone close to the departed, without having to spend extra money.

Homemade Is Best

Another way you can save money when it comes to paying for a funeral is to always shoot for homemade.  Whether it's an urn or headstone, there are no rules that say that you must spend a certain amount of money for these two things to be valid.

For example, you can craft an inexpensive headstone that is made out of the trinkets that your departed loved one cared about.  This could be a statue of a beloved pet, or an emblem of an album that they couldn't stop listening to.  Placing these items in the spot where they are buried means just as much as a traditional headstone, and could save you money.

When your loved one has passed away, don't think that you won't have the means to give them the proper sendoff.  Remember who they are, and use these tips right away so you can plan an affordable funeral that honors the life they lived without breaking the bank for yourself. Contact a business, such as Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home Inc, for more information.   

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When someone you love has passed away without insurance, you can find yourself in a dilemma.  You want to give them the service that they deserve

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